Sport for Sport: Theoretical and Practical Insights into Sports Development

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Creating the right motivation among the participants is also one of the most difficult things to achieve. When something at the same time is both important and difficult to achieve, it is imperative to have the right knowledge.

BSc (Hons) Sport, Coaching & Physical Education

As a reader, you will find help in this book! When the student-athletes started in the study, the participants were 12—13 years old. One of the unique aspects of this book is that the study of the thesis lasted over three years with six data collections. In this way, one gets an important insight into how motivation vary over time and what may affect these changes.

This provides an excellent foundation for understanding how gifted youth athletes may experience the journey they undertake when they attend a school with an extra focus on sports.

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The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to illuminate the themes. The findings illustrate clearly how complex achievement motivation in youth sports may be. The findings in the book unfortunately uncovers somewhat gloomy outcomes; the changes in motivation, in the implicit theories of ability and in the burnout scores, reveals what we would call maladaption from a performance motivation perspective.

An athlete that feels their abilities are innate and low may tend to give up. Fortunately, the findings indicated that the belief that abilities may improve was, on average, higher than innate beliefs about ability. In the second study, the data revealed a reduction both in task and ego orientation over the three-year period. In line with the first study, this is a negative development, as it implies that the athletes became less motivated for their sport during the period.

This is obviously important for coaches to be aware of, in order to create a healthy motivational climate with their youth athletes. The third study also painted a bleak picture of the changes that the athletes underwent, as the reporting of burnout symptoms increased.

Sport Development and Management BA (Hons)

Taken together, the findings underscore the importance of awareness of both individual and environmental factors to help athletes thrive and survive their athletic journey. In order to do so, schools, coaches and parents should develop a deeper understanding of the motivational facets of athletes. Why study a Foundation Year degree? Broad-based yet enough depth to give you credible vocational skills Coverage of a variety of areas typically delivered by an expert in this area Gain an understanding of a subject before choosing which route you wish to specialise in Great introduction to further study, and guaranteed progression on to one of our Undergraduate degrees The degrees offering a Foundation Year provide excellent preparation for your future studies.

Why choose this course? Study a challenging and enjoyable course which prepares you for employment in the sports industry and other employment sectors. Learn through a variety of engaging cutting-edge teaching and learning methods that combine study, personal and career development, field trips and practical experiences. Gain valuable 'real world' experiences, sports industry insights, employability skills, coaching and vocational qualifications by working first-hand with a variety of industry experts and community, national and international organisations. Learn from our team of experts who have cutting-edge research expertise and draw on their experience with organisations like the Football Association and Sport England.

Benefit from our extensive indoor and outdoor sport facilities and vibrant sporting culture. Exciting opportunities to work on events abroad Each year, students are given the opportunity to travel to Club La Santa in Lanzarote to put their practical skills to the test by helping organise and assist with the Volcano Triathalon, and gain knowledge from industry experts.

Our students said: It was a pleasure and honour to have been part of this fantastic scheme working with elite athletes and gaining skills for life.

We were able to apply our networking skills to interact with over elite athletes and add towards our CV. This event has left me with lifelong memories, most importantly being able to learn and challenge myself — such as such as riding a bike for the first time and travel distances of 10K and 25K. Simon and Amanda can't be thanked enough for their support and positive attitude to the cause.

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The volcano triathlon trip was an amazing opportunity and I feel privileged to be part of a massive event. We were able to apply our networking skills and interact with international athletes and members behind the team, which is beneficial to my CV. This trip has given me a lot in relation to learning and tying new sports.

Sport and Exercise Degrees and Masters

It wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and support for me to get this far. It has been a great experience and I will be definitely going back next year. Unit Information - What will I learn? You will be required to undertake a variety of assessment approaches that vary depending upon the learning outcomes of the unit delivered. The range of assessment styles includes: written reports and essays, oral presentations, e-portfolios, phase tests, collaborative projects. In addition, you will undertake practical assessments related to the design, planning and delivery aspects relevant to a wide variety of sport development and sport management projects.

Assessment of these activities will be based on tasks which develop vocational skills, underpinned by subject knowledge, requiring higher levels of cognition in the upper levels of the course.

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  • As you progress through the levels of study the marking criteria for all assessment styles undertaken will be more rigorous, with the expectation that you progressively demonstrate a more theory driven understanding of sport development and management issues and practices. All assessments are graded individually although in many instances you will be required to work collaboratively with your peers in order to examine a wide variety of sport development and management issues and practical implications as this reflects the type of work undertaken in the sport sector.

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    Click here. Specialist labs Our specialist labs give students a fantastic environment to develop their research skills and expertise, where a student can explore the biology of an elite athlete who could be performing simultaneously within the sports hall. Theatre and dance studio facilities seat theatre 80 studio theatre Four fully-sprung dance studios Dance studios equipped with ballet bars, mirrors, audio playback, internet and projection Large dressing rooms with en suite showers A scenery workshop reserved solely for student productions Large 6m by 12m white Cyclorama screen for projection and lighting State of the art HD projectors Full backstage comms system with audio and video relay Extensive lantern stock including Led fixtures, strobes and moving lights State-of-the-art, industry-standard lighting and sound consoles Built in media desk and roll-down screen Gateway Building Opened in January the Gateway is an impressive building featuring high-quality teaching spaces, informal learning spaces, and lecture theatres including a Harvard style lecture theatre ; as well as a new student services centre.

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