One-Minute Promises of Comfort

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Click the icon for "Hard Questions About God" and it will take you to a collection of posts. The following titles will speak to some aspects of your question: Are Random Deaths God's Punishment? It has already spoken to my heart. I've been divorced for approximately 10yrs. He is a born again Christian and I was a so called born again Christian and during our marriage I didn't like his very strong beliefs and Biblical principles and also the punishments for our daughters from the Bible.

So I finally divorced him after being married for just over 10 years. Which now I totally regret because I realized after we divorced that I still do love him very much but he wouldn't take me back so my heart has been broken ever since but that's all my fault because I divorced him! I'm now in a toxic relationship for just over 4yrs. He is an alcoholic and smokes. But I still do smoke cigarettes I've been smoking for about 30yrs and I need and want to quit for health problems.

And also because I now that doesn't make God happy. But I'm having a very hard time stopping,plus he still smokes so that isn't helping me at all. I also want to leave this relationship but I have no other place to go.

I'm disabled so I don't work,I need to depend on him for everything I need. He does treat me very very well he is a great guy that way. And my life feels so different now for the better!!! It is really speaking to my heart. I'm sorry for the book I wrote Many Blessings Always. Dear Sandra, What a blessing to read your comment! I am sorry for the hard parts of your story, but I'm so blessed to hear that you've come to the Lord. He is in the business of healing our broken hearts and giving us wisdom for handling our difficulties.

May His Word continue to change your heart and give you peace, joy, and purpose in your life. It may even test our faith. Friends, just know that God has not forgotten about you. Please do not try to run ahead of God or take matters in your own hands. This will usually lead to pain and frustration and many times sin. God does indeed hear your prayer and knows what is best for you and your life.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5, Encouragement

Wait on Him because He cares for you. Related reading: 25 Great Christian Waiting Quotes. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Tagged as: Bible Verses , waiting. He and his wife, Deanna have been married since June Daryl loves golf, biking, and especially being with his family. Daryl believes strongly in the importance of discipleship and small group ministry, which was evident in the life of Jesus during His earthly mission. Read them in the archive below. If you like what you're reading, you can get free daily updates through the RSS feed here.

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Then I read your paragraph at the bottom about you wondering how someone is led to your article. Yours was actually about the 5th one down on the Google hits and I felt led to use yours. I truly appreciate your sharing and will look over more of your site. If you have a Facebook, feel free to look me up and friend me, That way, I can get your posts in my home feed.

God bless you, brother. I appreciate your love for the Lord and His Word. Glory be to God. Thank you! I have tumors on the floor of my bladder and am waiting for an appointment on April 28th for a second opinion. It is a long time to wait but I serve a God who stops the sun in the sky at his will. If he wants there will a appointment cancellation so I will get the opinion before April the 28th.

I am at peace and trust God completely. I believe it his will that I wait on that opinion. Thank You! Waiting on God is not easy. I googled for encouragement. Thank you. I know God Can but sometimes he says no. This is troubling. Pray for me friend. Thanks for the we page.

Can we help?

I continue to wait. Thank you for your post I felt your words spoke directly to my situation, waiting for me and my grown children to come to a place of healing after my husband left 25 years of marriage. So many layers of pain we are working through and at this time they have pulled away from me so I hear very little from them and not able to see my grandchildren but through an occasional FaceTime.

I made the mistake of telling them my hurt but seemed to make it worse. Your article reminded me to trust the Lord let not my emotions of missing my children and grandchildren rule, only He can do the work in all of us. So many wonderful scriptures I will cling to during this time. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord. I google for encouraging bible verses and i was lead here.

The message is powerful and it spoke to my spirit at the time i needed relief, i was in the brink of giving up my daily doings and hit the road and now i got patience in the Lord, as i wait on God. Hello Pastor.

I was Googling about waiting on the lord. I need a new place to live as my landlord is wanting to remodel his home. After 23 years of tenancy I am finding it difficult to find a living space that offers affordability.

Critique of Ray Comfort’s “Gospel” in a Minute

That is the only answer. Hence, in my search for encouraging scripture I came upon your article. I am in earnest prayer over a matter of great import. I have trusted friends who have joined me in prayer over this.

I believe that the Lord hears me. Waiting with grace and patience is of utmost importance in this situation, but I admit it: it is so very hard. Anxiety, fear, desperation, doubt all loom over me as I pray for and long for resolution. I turn to scriptures that talk about others who have waited. I think often of Joseph. What human could guess what prayers he whispered with bitter tears as he languished in the darkness of unjust imprisonment?

His story has always moved me. I encourage myself with how the Lord delivered him in most unexpected and magnificent ways. So, yeah, the words of yours that I quoted, they have bolstered me. They have instructed, encouraged, and admonished me. Not jumping ahead of God, or trying to make things happen my own way is just a bad idea… a good object lesson: Abraham, Sarah and Hagar.

Thank , Pastor. This morning I was reading Habakkuk pertaining to waiting as a watchman on the wall. I was lead to see the rewards of waiting properly. Your article has really encouraged me. I am waiting on God for an important issue that I have been praying earnestly for.

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  4. It is concerning my studies. It has not been easy. However, I am so grateful for this one month period where I have drawn closer to God. I patiently wait for Him to make His name Holy and known through me. I am also drawing encouragement from the following verses: Mark Luke James John Matthew In summary, the scriptures remind us that whatever we ask for in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, we surely have received it.

    Let us remember that God is fighting for us in our battles always and that He has plans to prosper us and not to harm or fail us Jeremiah