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However, there are concerns on study locations and observers bias. To decrease the variations, ARFI at two locations was measured with standardized protocol. This study attempted to establish its cutoff values according to Metavir fibrosis score in different etiologies. Methods: A consecutive series of patients who received liver histology study were prospectively enrolled. All cases had hemogram, liver biochemistry, viral markers, and ARFI two-location measurements within 4 weeks of histology study.

How to Scan the Shoulder with Ultrasound

A standardized protocol was performed by single technologist. The sensitivity and specificity are both over 0. Background: Increased intracranial pressure ICP is frequently seen, and it is considered a serious problem that needs a careful assessment and management, especially by easy and least invasive modalities. Objective: The objective of the study is to assess the optic nerve sheath diameter ONSD using transorbital ultrasound US as a marker and indicator for diagnosing raised intracranial pressure. All the patients and the control group were examined by transorbital US to measure the ONSD, and then, only the patients with symptoms of raised intracranial underwent a lumbar puncture LP.

Transorbital US yielded high sensitivity Conclusion: ONSD by transorbital ultrasonography is highly accurate, easily performed, and noninvasive procedure for the detection of raised ICP. Routine daily monitoring of ONSD could be of help in intensive care units when invasive ICP monitoring is not available or contraindicated; it also has a good role in early recognition of intracranial hypertension.

Materials and Methods: From January to , nodules were evaluated in thyroid ultrasound examinations. Images were retrospectively evaluated by two radiologists with 3 and 7 years of pediatric radiology experience, according to TI-RADS classification. Morphological findings of the detected nodules and their histopathological results were recorded. Histopathological findings and at least 12 months of follow-up imaging were taken as reference. The mean age was According to the histopathological assessment and at least 12 months' follow-up with clinical and sonographic stability Two nodules, nondiagnostic cytology and 1 nodule were found to be suspicious for malignancy.

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Introduction: Adhesive capsulitis AC , also known as frozen shoulder, is challenging for diagnosis, particularly in early stages. A promising tool is contrast-enhanced ultrasonography CEUS , which has been successfully applied on musculoskeletal ultrasonography.

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The first research team administered the contrast media intravenously to facilitate detection of microcirculation through observing different distributions of time—intensity curves between the affected and unaffected shoulders. The second study has introduced a pioneering approach, injecting the contrast media mixed with saline directly into the glenohumeral joint. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!


Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Ultrasound is an increasingly important component of diagnostic imaging for musculoskeletal disorders.

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Articles will include: introduction, history and progress of emergency ultrasound; airway and thoracic ultrasound; procedural guidance with ultrasound in the emergency patient; pearls and pitfalls: common ultrasound applications and risk management strategies; ultrasound protocol use in the evaluation of an unstable patient; pediatric emergency ultrasound; pelvic ultrasound; focused cardiac ultrasound in the emergent patient; vascular ultrasound in emergency medicine; symptom-based ultrasound; ENT ultrasound; superficial and MSK ultrasound: select applications, and more!

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