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Like a circle, the Earth has degrees. Each degree is divided into 60 minutes, which in turn is divided into 60 seconds. Latitude and longitude coordinates also include cardinal directions: north or south of the equator for latitude, and east or west of the prime meridian for longitude. Latitude is always listed first. A less common format for listing coordinates is in decimal degrees. It is believed that the continents have spread out due to plate tectonics. The Sun is directly overhead the equator at noon on the two equinoxes March and Sept.

The equator divides the globe into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The equator appears halfway between the North and South poles, at the widest circumference of the globe. It is 24, The prime meridian runs through the Royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich, England the location was established in by international agreement.

The prime meridian divides the globe into the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The Earth's time zones are measured from the prime meridian.

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When it is noon along the prime meridian, it is midnight along the International Date Line. Regions to the east of the International Date Line are counted as being one calendar day earlier than the regions to the west. To avoid such unnecessary confusion, the date line dips and bends around countries to permit them to share the same time.

The tropics experience at least one day per year in which the sun passes directly overhead. It marks the northernmost point of the tropics, which falls between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

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It marks the southernmost point of the tropics. Maps represent a definite area and contain detailed geographical information. An atlas usually includes geographical information, as well as varied non-geographical information population statistics, sea levels, etc. Cartographers, or mapmakers, use colors to show different climate or precipitation zones. Cartographers use symbols to show the locations of natural resources or economic activities. For example, oranges on a map of Florida tell you that oranges are grown there.

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The water is usually shown in blue. First established in the 17th century, the French relied on the Paris Meridian for timekeeping until and for navigation until There are even several hundred thousands of people who live north of the Arctic Circle, giving it the edge over ….

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Antarctic Circle : Like its counterpart, this final major circle of latitude denotes the area of Antarctic and contains only the continent of Antarctica , where there are no permanent human residents. The actual halfway point is 10 miles north.

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  5. Who Am I? I am an imaginary line that divides the globe into Eastern and Western hemispheres..
  6. Ville-Evrard : Murs, destins et histoire dun hôpital psychiatrique (French Edition).
  7. The History (Study) of Religions in Spain and the SECR (Sociedad Española de Ciencias de las Religiones / Spanish Association for the Sciences of Religions) (revista Bandue Book 3).
  8. The line also separates the United States and Canada between the St. Seventeenth parallel : A few miles south of the actual 17th parallel north , this line was the provisional military demarcation line established in Vietnam in Washington meridian : There have been four meridians specified as the meridian passing through Washington, D. But it is the supposed halfway point between the equator and the South Pole , although the actual line is a little farther south. Mendoza Line : In baseball, the division between below-average hitters and extremely poor hitters.

    Named after Mario Mendoza a lifetime. It did prompt Following the Equator contributor Greg Watts to observe that our list of imaginary lines could be divided into three categories: latitude , longitude and ineptitude. The comments section below awaits your opinions on our wordplay and our Top 20 Imaginary Lines. EF Tours Blog. Inspiration Learning Top 20 Imaginary Lines. Here is our list of the Top 20 Imaginary Lines of the World no surprise in the top spot : 1. That occurs at the June solstice , the official start of summer, which gives the Tropic of Cancer the edge over … 7.

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    There are even several hundred thousands of people who live north of the Arctic Circle, giving it the edge over … Related Articles More from Author. Teachers: Build confidence, connections, and credits—out in the world. Five reasons to earn graduate credit through your tour. Our favorite travel souvenirs? College credit and confidence.

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