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The strategy text says the approach to flood protection and assessing risk had to change.

Rivers and flooding - Revision 1 - KS3 Geography - BBC Bitesize

The policy calls for natural barriers and flood relief systems, but also for an increase in the resilience of homes and businesses against the inevitable flooding with such structures as flood doors and stone floors. The strategy also makes clear that some areas of the UK and some homes and businesses cannot be protected.

Ultimately it may also mean supporting individuals and communities in a move from an affected area. It is already thought unbeneficial to protect or adapt about miles of coastline because of flooding, and more than 1, miles of coast are at risk of erosion.

In the Humber estuary rising sea levels and river flooding are putting 55, homes at risk. In a tidal surge hit the east coast, forcing thousands of people to abandon homes as areas of the North Sea rose to higher levels than had happened in the floods of In Devon, in , people were forced from their homes and a key stretch of the railway link to the rest of the UK was destroyed in storms and flooding.

Urban Floods Community of Practice (UFCOP)

More homes would be at risk in the future as the number of properties built on floodplains was likely to double over the next 50 years, the agency warns. They can force people to leave their homes and their businesses, cause prolonged mental ill health, and destroy livelihoods, natural habitats and other valued places.

Flood in Japan 2018 -It can destroy city within minutes

At best flooding and coastal change can be inconvenient and disruptive. The Summary concludes with 12 guiding policy principles for integrated fl ood risk management. The core of the Guide consists of seven chapters, organized as follows: Chapter 1.

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Understanding Flood Hazard Chapter 2. Understanding Flood Impacts Chapter 3.

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Each chapter starts with a full contents list and a summary of the chapter for quick reference. Each chapter contains a full reference list.