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Until then, the new kitten needs a place to avoid confrontation by climbing or hiding to remove himself from the situation. If the existing pet is an adult cat instead of a dog, there may not be as much difficulty for the new kitten. In fact, during the transition period it is a good idea to spend extra time with the older cat. In addition to avoiding competition for attention, you must deter competition for food.

The introduction period will usually last one to two weeks and will have one of three possible outcomes:. Depending on his personality and early experiences as a kitten, your cat may either enjoy or dislike certain types of handling. In order for the cat to learn to accept and enjoy physical contact from people, it is critical that the human hand only be associated with positive experiences and that all physical punishment is avoided. Begin with those types of handling that the cat enjoys like scratching him behind the ears. Speak to him in a kind voice while petting him.

For reluctant cats, you may consider giving a treat during the petting sessions. This technique can be applied to other types of handling and can help the cat become accustomed to, and perhaps eventually enjoy, petting, grooming, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and even bathing. You probably got off to a good start with the pet carrier by following the recommendations for bringing your new kitty home.

There will be trips to the veterinarian or vacation travel or times of home confinement e. Place toys or his food bowl inside the carrier to entice him inside. A pleasant experience and the freedom to come and go as he pleases will give your cat a better view of the carrier. After he becomes comfortable entering and leaving the carrier of his own accord, close the door briefly while he is inside. Each time, try to leave the kitten in a bit longer before allowing him to exit. Contrary to your instincts, never allow the kitten out when he cries or scratches at the crate or he will associate those behaviors with escape.

Instead, wait until the kitten is calm and quiet, praise him and allow him to exit. Take a short car ride with the cat in the carrier with a destination other than the veterinary hospital.

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No need for the cat to always associate the carrier with medical care! With a little patience, you can help your cat regard the carrier as a safe haven rather than a prison.

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Inappropriate behavior such as swatting, excessive vocalization, and biting should not be tolerated. If your kitten begins to exhibit these behaviors, quickly and quietly leave the area and cease all interactions. Once the kitten is calm and quiet, resume interactions. The goal is for the kitten to learn that calm, quiet behavior warrants attention while aggressive actions do not.

Make time daily for appropriate interactions with your cat that include play and petting. Disciplining a young kitten may be necessary if its behavior towards people or property is inappropriate, but harsh punishment should be avoided. However, remote punishment that associates the consequences with the action instead of the person is preferred.

For most kittens, hand clapping or rattling a can of beans can divert attention and be intimidating enough to inhibit undesirable behavior when you are present. During that time, the kitten is very impressionable. If he has good experiences with people, dogs, or other cats, he will likely continue to accept them. If he has no experience at all, or unpleasant experiences with any of them, he may become apprehensive or adverse to them.

Therefore, during the period of socialization, we encourage you to expose your cat to as many types of social situations and influences as possible. Use positive reinforcement and make your kitty feel secure during the introduction of any new experience. Cat bites are puncture wounds that can cause bacterial infections with Pasteurella multocida that can spread within the tissues or into the blood stream. Any bite should be cleaned immediately and assessed by a physician as soon as possible, as antibiotics are frequently needed to treat infection.

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Your doctor may recommend vaccination with tetanus or rabies prophylaxis. Your doctor will report any bite to the local health department and your cat will have to undergo a quarantine — the length of which depends on their rabies vaccination status. Although most limps need veterinary attention, there are a few first aid measures you can perform at home if your cat begins to hobble around.

The estrous cycle in cats occurs seasonally and is variable with the amount of daylight.

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Most cats become very affectionate, even demanding when in heat. Drake, already determined to give her anything she wants, agrees, but hates not being near her. Their relationship moves at a lightning fast pace, but you know when you've met the one for you, so why waste time? Of course, things don't go smoothly as they'd hoped, but Drake won't let anything stand between him and his future. One-click now and follow along as two people, connected by a person important to both, finally meet and realize love at first sight does exist.

Bring Him Home [From Les Miserables]

I look forward to the next book featuring Colton, Delilah's long-time neighbor, and Charlotte, Drake's uber-efficient assistant. View 2 comments. Apr 15, Darlene rated it liked it Shelves: alpha-male , cocky-motherfucker , hawt , sexual-tension , spoilers , age-differance , older-male , dirty-talking , instalove-lust , virgin-gal.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I got this as a Arc and for a honest review!! This was a quick pace good book. I would love to read Coltons story and Charlotte. Apr 23, Jos added it. Apr 19, Ruby Ap.

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Recommended to Ruby by: Been reading author's work since the beginning. Shelves: a-beautiful-family-at-the-end , once-in-a-lifetime-kind-of-love , persistant-heroine , stubborn-heroine , tender-yet-caveman-alpha-hero , a-bit-of-sad-scenes , alpha-but-sweet-hero , faithful , great-read , heroine-virgin. I absolutely loved Drake and Delilah's story! This was an amazing and hot read and I can't wait for Colton's story!

May 16, Jami rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , no-cheating , possessive-alpha , baby-making , hero-celibate , arc , part-of-series , slight-ow-drama , safe-read , boss-and-employee.

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Delilah wants to see what else is out there. Always staying close to home with her family, she makes the impulse decision to make a trip to see New York. She's been dreaming of going there, but she feels as though she is searching for something just doesn't know what that something is. Drake is too busy for anything else in his life besides work. When a guy that he respects and looks up to like a dad calls him for a favor, he doesn't think twice about it.

What he didn't realize was that said favo Delilah wants to see what else is out there.

What he didn't realize was that said favor would completely change his life. Seeing Delilah standing in the middle of Towns Square shifted something in him and he will never be the same. Can Delilah leave the country behind and become a city girl or will Drake follow her home to where she belongs??