Aus Erfahrung gut: Wie die Älteren die Arbeitswelt erneuern (German Edition)

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The program begins at 5 p. Would you like to attend? All interested people - regardless of their age - interested in joining the event by running, cheering or watching the run are very welcome to take part! Jacobs University and University of Bremen invite businessmen and executives from small and medium-sized companies from around Northern Germany to come together and discuss current business issues. This dialogue is organized in cooperation with the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. Commenting on his desire to give the work of art to the university, Mr.

Achi explained that he was inspired by Jacobs University's international community. By appointing Ursula M.

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Ursula M. Staudinger succeeds Paul B. Team "Leda", a group of non-business students, successfully competed against other teams of MBA and business students from across Germany. The was organised by students of the private business and technology school BiTS.

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Carrying many of the traditional sporting events such as Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball, the "Green Machine" also carried the coveted Cheerleading award after very tough competition from neighbouring Krupp and Mercator colleges. Competition went late into the night, culminating in the awards ceremony at 1am Sunday morning.

The games start at 9 a. One of the most anticipated student events of the year, the Jacobs Olympix have been a showcase of college spirit and great team play. The three colleges, Krupp, Mercator and College III, as well as the graduate students and alumni, will be competing in "residence block teams" against each other to claim the much-coveted Olympix Cup. Jacobs scientist proves economizing strategies of German and Swiss hospitals Sep 25, Two new studies by Alexander Lerchl, Professor of Biology at Jacobs University, show, that the number of babies delivered through elective, planned caesarean sections during the week rises while fewer come into the world on weekends.

These findings are now published online in the journal Naturwissenschaften. DOI Nine students from nine different utility companies and four different countries arrived on campus for their first block week. The guided tour was organized by the host family Cynthia and Udo Nieland for Jacobs University students, friends and faculty.

The awarding ceremony took place in the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. The literary treat will be accompanied with finger food and drinks. The German language reading in the University Club starts at 7. Rania will present music arising from the tradition of the Medieval Iberian Peninsula merging with rhythms, melodies and instruments from other cultures. Why should we value it and what allows us to say that one work is better than another? In total there will be about students coming from 91 nations living and learning together on-campus at the Bremen private university.

Jacobs University salutes new students from all over the world Aug 28, People, luggage, cars and sign boards everywhere. August 28 is the first day for most of the roundabout Jacobs University fresh men on the campus of their new Alma Mater.

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  • Until the official start of term on September 3, , the newcomers will get to know their new territory through a diverse orientation week program. This year about students coming from 91 nations will study and live at Jacobs University. Xiaodong Cheng, expert in structural biology from Emory University, USA, for the first time successfully resolved the three-dimensional structure of a human enzyme for gene regulation and its operating mode. The study is published in the current online express issue of Nature doi The co-operation of ground and airborne robots is regarded as an especially promising new perspective in fire fighting, civil defence, and other disaster control operations.

    Starting in August the holder of the new chair will be Prof. The Venezuelan, who took up her post on August 1, , has extensive experiences in university admissions counseling in international contexts, working with students, their families, and for various institutions and committees worldwide for the past 17 years. With a maximum diameter of 4. The reaction conditions and the molecular structure are now published as cover story of the current issue of Angewandte Chemie doi: The United States and the disintegration of the European Colonial Empires , which was published in the Oldenbourg publishing house in The book, authored by Stephan Rosswog and Marcus Bruggen, both professors of astrophysics at Jacobs University, is now available.

    Jacobs University research on adolescents with immigration background Aug 01, Jacobs University now started a new 2-year research project on identity and value formation of adolescents in Germany and Israel with immigration background and their families in comparison with indigenous families. Funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research with about The digital workstations offer language programs for self-directed language learning in over 20 languages; from Arabic to Chinese, Dutch to Russian. The summer school takes place in the Campus Center; guest participants are welcome!


    The coxed four-man gig started in the first race of the day at 11 a. The proceeds of the regatta will go to the foundation for funding a special sports program for cancer patients. Both teams scored very closely to each other throughout the whole competition and were always well ahead of the other competing teams.

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    The Virtual Rescue League consists of virtual challenges for real and virtual robots and tests their intelligence and practical performance in various rescue scenarios. At the conference, 18 renowned Nobel Laureates in Medicine from different countries will be meeting of the worlds most talented young scientists. Among them are also two gifted Jacobs University students, Mehmed Hasan and Tomek Jurkowski, who are both doing excellent research in the field of biochemistry.

    The method is based on the reversible interaction of large circular molecules, so-called macrocycles, and fluorescent dyes. Moreover, this method, which is published in the current advance online issue of Nature Methods doi The ESSRS will utilize the existing unique complementary expertise of the three leading geosciences institutions in Bremen and Bremerhaven to foster excellence in earth sciences through postgraduate research and education.

    A substantial part of the granted 1. Mice with a genetically determined elevated likelihood of developing leukemia, which were exposed to the UMTS radiation, showed no evidence of a harmful impact. Thus during the next two years, Prof. This tenure follows a term of two years, when she served as Vice-Chair of the Visual Studies Division.

    Hermes focuses on all aspects relating to the geo-and biodiversity along the European Margin. For many of the Bachelor's students it is their first longtime stay far away from home. A team from Jacobs University provides its expertise by addressing issues, which prospective students normally face before or during university life.

    The goal of the excursion was to gain insights into the management of international companies. Focus of the more than 30 lectures and tutorials lies on recent research perspectives in applications of Theoretical Physics, in particular Statistical Physics, to Computer Science. About 20 speakers from all over Europe and 40 participants will meet on Jacobs University campus. Further participants are welcome! President Treusch had the chance to discuss latest developments and challenges in science and education with Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang.

    The fields of studies newly ranked this year included electrical engineering and computer sciences. For the first time the programs of Jacobs University in this field were evaluated by students and professors — and reached top assessments in all categories rated! Klaus von Klitzing, Director at the Stuttgart Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and Physics Nobel laureate, will give an overview on the history and the latest findings on determining measuring units.

    Endowed with The participants of "Cast A " will stay in Bremen for one week and will be working on several volunteer projects.


    On Friday they will meet on campus. More than scientists and engineers participate to its activities. It took three years to prepare the project. Guests from as far away as Mexico came to learn more about what the University has to offer. Welf Werner, Professor of International Economics and Alexander Lerchl, Professor of Biology, will generally understandable foresight how daily life will take place with the help of mechanization and what consequences come with the engineering progress. The Volkswagen-Stiftung will finance the new research project with The project will be coordinated by Jacobs University professor Dr.

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    Immacolata Amodeo, Professor of Literature, will speak on the topic: "Literature and Multilingualism: Literature of migrant authors in Germany. Students debates. The debate will take place in the Campus Center Conference Hall and will start at 8. Ognjen Pribicevic, will be visiting Jacobs University. The lecture will take place in the Jacobs University Campus Center.

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    The study is published in the current online express issue of Developmental Neurobiology doi: The book addresses the crucial topic of many enterprises worldwide. The lecture is followed by a discussion and a reception inviting the students and guests to ask questions and to further get to know the petrochemical business. Mar 20, Are you planning on graduating from high school soon and currently researching universities? Would you like to learn more about what Jacobs University has to offer with other prospective students from around Germany and beyond?

    On Saturday, April 21, , Jacobs University will open its doors for high school students, teachers, and families.

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    From 10 a. Three renowned speakers first toured the campus accompanied by Jacobs University students and afterwards gave talks on their experiences as women in leading positions. More than 60 participants attended the talks and the panel discussion, which inspired lively and productive debates amongst the audience and the guest speakers.

    Jacobs University will be the fourth partner-university in the program.

    The CEO will visit the campus to speak about experiences and every day activities concerning his industry. Thereby Jacobs University students will get the chance to learn more about specific career opportunities and job-related developments. Mar 05, Are gender roles still relevant today?

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    How do gender roles differ across cultures and religions? Are men and women actually more similar than they are different? Women in leadership — how to get through the glass ceiling? Starting at 7 p.