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Intelligence and Strategy in World War II

The Berlin Wall Comes Down Basketball In Ballina Writing an ending to a third world war is almost as difficult, if not more so, than writing the beginning. In the scenarios discussed here, unlike in much of the nuclear fiction genre, the war does not end in global Armageddon. For Hackett, this occurs after nuclear use but before further escalation. For Clancy, the coup occurs to prevent nuclear use in the first place. In some scenarios, the war ends in days or weeks.

In others, initial defeat does not lead to surrender or acceptance of the status quo, but rather hostilities continue until such time as the initial lost territory is recovered.

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One feature that is pretty much a constant in all of these scenarios is that as the war is taking place, so too are diplomatic negotiations. Ideally they provide the reader with a genuinely futuristic perspective that is not simply the last war projected into the future, though ultimately any scenario cannot entirely escape the past and present. That being said, scenarios are rarely neutral. It is essential to be aware of the conscious agendas and the unconscious assumptions underpinning them.

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For instance, all too often, scenarios are written around a predetermined end state. Therefore, the starting point for any critique should begin with a study of the author before it proceeds to the content. It is quite easy to project how one weapon system might fare against another, but taken out of a broader strategic context, such a projection is practically meaningless apart from its marketing value , or worse, misleading.

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A twenty first century scenario, however suggests an asymmetric approach in the Baltic countries where the Russian speaking population is infiltrated by Russian Special Forces to instigate civil unrest. When the Baltic governments seek to suppress the militants, more overt and conventional intervention from the Russians occurs. Am I alone in thinking the Russian football supporters at Euro did not have some form of Russian state sponsorship?

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Mass Effect 3 - Admiral Hackett's Epic Final Speech

William Hackett in uniform. William Hackett's family. Explore the BBC.

BBC Homepage. Contact Us. Hackett was one of 10, other tunnellers whose work was an official secret until the s. William Hackett in uniform The art of tunnelling The idea behind tunnelling was to blow up the enemy trenches from below.